What is Starterist

Starterist is a collection of practical information for anyone working at a startup to a larger company, in everything between.  The goal is to pack this site with extremely usable info from the world of small business – actionable guides, posts, and articles that help get you started on your next project.  I’ve found that working in the limited-resource environment of a small business forces you to be incredibly efficient, practical, and gather maximum immediate return for the least expense; these are lessons that are worth passing on, and useful in even the largest organization.

A better question, though, might be “Why is Starterist”?  The last several years of my career have been dedicated to launching and operating a few small businesses.  While a great deal of broad and theoretical information exists for new small business owners (IE – clearly define your target market!) – very few people are writing about the information I really could have used help with, and frankly spent countless hours trying to figure out while launching these businesses: what accounting software do I use?  How do I use it?  How does credit card processing work?  How much should I pay for office space?  And so on.  During all these learning experiences, I relied on close business mentors, scattered articles, or simply hours of research.  But not everyone has access to the same resources, and frankly, some of these sources are time consuming and impractical.  So the goal of Starterist is to bring together years’ experience with these resources, and lay them out in an easy-to-read, perfectly accessible, and actionable way.

If by reading Starterist you’ve learned how to save a little on shipping, account for your business correctly, or how to develop your own website from the ground up, or any other piece of immediately usable and extremely practical information, then I’ve done what I set out to do.  Thanks for reading, and good luck on whatever project brings you here.