Businesses with Purpose

Businesses are such powerful tools for creating change in the world – positive or negative.  However, some companies (one of them being my own) decide from the very start to make sustainability and ethics at the core of the business, and build on that foundation.  Some great organizations, like B-Corp, create fantastic frameworks to help […]

Every Company Is An Internet Company

There’s a question I hear over and over again when I introduce our relatively young and small business to someone for the first time: “Neat…so are you like, an internet company?” I’ve never been really keen to this question because I’m not exactly sure what it’s asking. After reflecting on it a bit, however, I […]

Two Ways To Solve a Problem

When you have a problem or weakness, there are two ways to approach it: Most people will pay to have the problem solved. Inefficient production process? Hire a consultant. Online marketing presence a bit weak? Hire a PR firm. Don’t understand the laws surrounding your business? Hire a lawyer. You get the idea. It’s a […]

Business Email Etiquette: A Definitive Guide

At some point in school we were taught how to compose a letter. Even though email is now easily one of the most popular communication methods, we’ve spent little or no time training our students or professionals generally accepted etiquette. As a result, we seem to be left with a bit of confusion: is it […]

Are You In Control of Your Business Philosophy?

If you run a business or are starting one, having a business philosophy is massively important to the livelihood and brand of your enterprise. Your core values are part of the foundation of your brand; just look at Chipotle Mexican Grill – they’ve build their entire brand and enterprise solely around their business philosophy of […]