6 Pitfalls for Business Owners and Executives

Being the leader of a business – whether it’s one you own or run as an executive – requires constant self-evaluation and objectivity. It is a true balancing act, and there are rarely straightforward guides or performance evaluations to tell you where to go next. Such is the work of a leader. If you can […]

Small Business Bookkeeping Should Always Be DIY

The books of your business are the most powerful level of control and information in your entire organization. They’re more important than the keys to your office, and exercise control over more parts of your business than anything else. Your books show the profitability of your company, and will reveal the almost imperceptible hints of […]

Quick Guide to Managing Small Business Cash Flow

Not every business has the benefit of being flush with cash from the start.  If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably balancing some level of debt against the cash coming in every month.  Assuming that you’re profitable, this boils down to managing cash flow, but it can still be a huge problem.  Over the […]