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Time Management at Work: Control Your Email

Email Management

Time management is important no matter what business you're in, and email is the 3rd largest use of your online time according to Nielsen, so you should definitely pay a lot of attention to how you manage something that takes up that much time.  … [Continue reading]

How to Succeed When Business is Slow

There are a lot of reasons why your business might be slow right now - it could be the macroeconomic environment, the nature of your business, the current part of your particular business cycle, or a dozen other causes. Instead of focusing on why … [Continue reading]

Quick Guide to Managing Small Business Cash Flow

Cash Flow Chart

Not every business has the benefit of being flush with cash from the start.  If you're like most business owners, you're probably balancing some level of debt against the cash coming in every month.  Assuming that you're profitable, this boils down … [Continue reading]

Attend a Trade Show for a Competitive Edge

Trade Show Badges

For several years now, I've been crazy about attending trade shows.  Whether you're brand new in business, or have been established for years, the old-fashioned, around-for-hundreds-of-years trade show is an unstoppable resource with one of the best … [Continue reading]

What is Starterist


Starterist is a collection of practical information for anyone working at a startup to a larger company, in everything between.  The goal is to pack this site with extremely usable info from the world of small business - actionable guides, posts, and … [Continue reading]