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Constructive Criticism: Don’t Ask Your Friends

How many times have you been in a challenging project that pushes your personal boundaries, puts you out of your comfort zone, and you just need someone to step in to offer helpful criticism? I've been there too many times to remember. It's at … [Continue reading]

Own Up to Your Mistakes: The Best Policy?

We all make mistakes - there's nothing special in our ability to make errors.  Everyone does it.  The only differentiating factor is how we handle the aftermath of a mistake: do you take full ownership, or find ways to place blame instead?  From … [Continue reading]

How To Add Scroll Depth Tracking to WordPress

Google's Analytics and the "bounce rate" aren't telling you everything you need to know about your blog's performance - this is especially true if you're a small blog with only a few readers.  At best, you'll simply know how many people hit your … [Continue reading]

5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Website

There are rarely "quick and easy" ways to improve a website - it usually requires some amount of development, design, or deep consideration.  These 5 tips, however, are an exception to the rule.  These tips fix issues that stem from outdated habits … [Continue reading]

A Straightforward Way to Be More Creative

Are you someone who relies heavily on logic (as I do), and are looking to improve your creativity?  Does it seem out of reach - as though creativity is a birthright and you inherited slam-dunk math skills instead? The good news here is that you're … [Continue reading]