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Should You Really Make Your Small Business Seem Bigger?

If you're a small business competing with much larger companies out there, the relative size of your company might have you feeling a bit insecure. Will your customers favor the security of larger competitors? Will they see weakness in a smaller … [Continue reading]

Are You In Control of Your Business Philosophy?


If you run a business or are starting one, having a business philosophy is massively important to the livelihood and brand of your enterprise. Your core values are part of the foundation of your brand; just look at Chipotle Mexican Grill - they've … [Continue reading]

Business Automation vs. “Business Runs Itself”

One of the most dangerous and misguided thoughts related to business management is: "I'll be there to run everything at first, but once we're established the company will practically run itself." As with many myths, there's a grain of truth in this … [Continue reading]

Small Business Bookkeeping Should Always Be DIY

The books of your business are the most powerful level of control and information in your entire organization. They're more important than the keys to your office, and exercise control over more parts of your business than anything else. Your books … [Continue reading]

The Problem With a Generic Resume and Cover Letter

Several times a year, my company is hiring for a new or open position - which means I read lots of resumes, emails, and cover letters, and choose who gets the job, or at least an interview. I wanted to write this article to offer a perspective that … [Continue reading]