What is Quora? The Greatest Review Site Ever.

You’re probably reading this because you’re a skeptical consumer of online content.  That’s a really good stance to take, and I stand with you – there’s a ton of crap out there, and a lot of people pitching every new site as the “next big thing in social media”.  So you’ve heard about Quora, but […]

A New Format for Starterist

Working in the world of small business, as anyone else in the industry (generally speaking) can attest, is a tough trial.  However, if there is one aspect of co-founding/running a small business that is oddly trying, it’s trying to answer the common party question “So, what do you do at work?  What are your responsibilities?” […]

Time Management at Work: Control Your Email

Time management is important no matter what business you’re in, and email is the 3rd largest use of your online time according to Nielsen, so you should definitely pay a lot of attention to how you manage something that takes up that much time.  Inefficient email practices burn several hours a week –  100+ hours wasted […]

What is Starterist

Starterist is a collection of practical information for anyone working at a startup to a larger company, in everything between.  The goal is to pack this site with extremely usable info from the world of small business – actionable guides, posts, and articles that help get you started on your next project.  I’ve found that […]