Two Ways To Solve a Problem

When you have a problem or weakness, there are two ways to approach it: Most people will pay to have the problem solved. Inefficient production process? Hire a consultant. Online marketing presence a bit weak? Hire a PR firm. Don’t understand the laws surrounding your business? Hire a lawyer. You get the idea. It’s a […]

Own Up to Your Mistakes: The Best Policy?

We all make mistakes – there’s nothing special in our ability to make errors.  Everyone does it.  The only differentiating factor is how we handle the aftermath of a mistake: do you take full ownership, or find ways to place blame instead?  From childhood, it seems we were rewarded for deflecting blame – if we […]

How To Add Scroll Depth Tracking to WordPress

Google’s Analytics and the “bounce rate” aren’t telling you everything you need to know about your blog’s performance – this is especially true if you’re a small blog with only a few readers.  At best, you’ll simply know how many people hit your site, how long they stayed (on average), and whether they navigated to […]

5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Website

There are rarely “quick and easy” ways to improve a website – it usually requires some amount of development, design, or deep consideration.  These 5 tips, however, are an exception to the rule.  These tips fix issues that stem from outdated habits on old websites, and following them will improve the curb appeal, SEO, and […]

A Straightforward Way to Be More Creative

Are you someone who relies heavily on logic (as I do), and are looking to improve your creativity?  Does it seem out of reach – as though creativity is a birthright and you inherited slam-dunk math skills instead? The good news here is that you’re not stuck in the Left Brain forever – there’s a […]