A New Format for Starterist

Working in the world of small business, as anyone else in the industry (generally speaking) can attest, is a tough trial.  However, if there is one aspect of co-founding/running a small business that is oddly trying, it’s trying to answer the common party question “So, what do you do at work?  What are your responsibilities?”  Who knew this question would be so hard to answer?  Not due to a lack of responsibility, but because of an overwhelmingly incongruous collection of responsibilities and tasks that hardly fit any single job title.

For this reason, I’ve admittedly had a difficult time with my original intended purpose for this blog: I wanted to share with the world my practical lessons from the world of small business (our company, by the way, currently having 10 full time employees or less at any given time).  I wanted to craft distilled lessons from my days working in entrepreneurship – but this is as difficult as trying to explain “what I do” or my job title at work.  So, just as my job responsibilities often lack structure, so must my blog posts.  From now on, I look forward to sharing with you my lessons and tips from the world of operating a very small business in a less structured way – you’ll get to hear about what it’s really like to run a small business, as the events and lessons happen to me.  In the profession I’m in, and you may be in, our roles seem to constantly change  depending on what the business needs.  I hope this could also give a great narrative to people thinking of going into business for themselves – not just those already operating a business; Starterist should now give you a much better and unfiltered view of what the “life of small business” is like, and if you want to get into it.  Thanks for reading, and onto the new format!