Business Email Etiquette: A Definitive Guide

At some point in school we were taught how to compose a letter. Even though email is now easily one of the most popular communication methods, we’ve spent little or no time training our students or professionals generally accepted etiquette. As a result, we seem to be left with a bit of confusion: is it […]

Should You Really Make Your Small Business Seem Bigger?

If you’re a small business competing with much larger companies out there, the relative size of your company might have you feeling a bit insecure. Will your customers favor the security of larger competitors? Will they see weakness in a smaller business? And the big question that has led you here: should you take steps […]

Constructive Criticism: Don’t Ask Your Friends

How many times have you been in a challenging project that pushes your personal boundaries, puts you out of your comfort zone, and you just need someone to step in to offer helpful criticism? I’ve been there too many times to remember. It’s at moments like this that we’ll often turn to friends or family […]

Your Small Business Brand is Not Your Logo

There seems to be a common “cart before the horse” problem that afflicts many small businesses, and I certainly was not immune to this mistake myself.  It’s trying to come up with a logo for your new product or company before you’ve created your brand.  A few questions/statements might stem from this – “Aren’t my […]

DIY SEO for Small Business

For the past year, about 10 to 20% of my time has been spent on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for our website, – that’s a large chunk of my time, and a major project for me and the company.  Here’s the sad part: we just started paying attention to SEO a year ago, […]