Dennis O’Donnell – About Me

My name is Dennis O’Donnell, and I created Starterist a while back as a platform to reflect on my experiences in the world of starting and running a small business. In 2004 I co-founded a cell phone distribution company, which proved unviable. In 2007, from the ashes of the first company, I co-founded (with the same team again) a mobile accessory company called Clear-Coat – we’re still growing today. My daily life is about small business – starting and running my own, meeting with other companies, and talking with other people in their own businesses.

I like to reflect on my most salient experiences in business. I’ve come to believe that the world of business (small business specifically) is complicated – it’s full of opportunity, peril, good, bad, morality, immorality, potential, and tons more – it’s undoubtedly a subject worth reflecting on and writing about. My hope is that by writing about these experiences publicly on Starterist, others in business can avoid my mistakes, join in my learned benefits, or simply reflect on a subject with me.

Since this is an “about me” section, it’s worth mentioning that I’m really into all sorts of hobbies and activities: running, skiing, squash, gardening, rock climbing, travel, and a whole host of esoteric stuff in between (like fermentation). So full disclosure: these topics might pop up on here, too.

This is who I am, and why Starterist was created. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

How to contact me:

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @DenODonnell