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Every Company Is An Internet Company

There's a question I hear over and over again when I introduce our relatively young and small business to someone for the first time: "Neat…so are you like, an internet company?" I've never been really keen to this question because I'm not exactly sure what it's asking. After reflecting on it a bit, however, I came to a very clear answer: Every company, including yours and certainly mine, is an internet company - there is no such thing as a non-internet company anymore. What does this … [Continue reading]

Two Ways To Solve a Problem

When you have a problem or weakness, there are two ways to approach it: Most people will pay to have the problem solved. Inefficient production process? Hire a consultant. Online marketing presence a bit weak? Hire a PR firm. Don't understand … [Continue reading]

Business Email Etiquette: A Definitive Guide

Bad Email Etiquette

At some point in school we were taught how to compose a letter. Even though email is now easily one of the most popular communication methods, we've spent little or no time training our students or professionals generally accepted etiquette. As a … [Continue reading]

6 Pitfalls for Business Owners and Executives

Being the leader of a business - whether it's one you own or run as an executive - requires constant self-evaluation and objectivity. It is a true balancing act, and there are rarely straightforward guides or performance evaluations to tell you … [Continue reading]

Should You Really Make Your Small Business Seem Bigger?

If you're a small business competing with much larger companies out there, the relative size of your company might have you feeling a bit insecure. Will your customers favor the security of larger competitors? Will they see weakness in a smaller … [Continue reading]